Gusella hydraulic magnets are the simple cost effective method of adding a magnetic material lifting capability to your fleet of hydraulic handlers which are not equipped with a magnet generator.

The Gusella Hydraulic Magnet has a built in hydraulic generator which works off your machine's standard hydraulic system so you don't have to have a handler with a generator. No safety concerns of extra piping and hosing to external generators.

Simply by connecting to an auxiliary line on your hydraulic circuit (bucket, rockbreaker or grab) with quick hitch hydraulic connectors to the Gusella Hydraulic Magnet you’ll be up and running in minutes.

The Gusella Hydraulic Magnet has a fast clean lift, and drops simply by starting and stopping the hydraulic oil flow.

The Gusella Hydraulic Magnets attach to your machine with chains or alternatively can be supplied with an hydraulic rotator or quick fit hitch.

DMC Crusher
Minishears specifications