The following information is supplied in an effort to enable users of hydraulic rockbreakers to achieve maximum working life.
Tools: All chisels will eventually need to be replaced. They will either wear out or break.

Breakages can occur inside or outside of the hammer and can be avoided by employing the following precautions:
  • Regular lubrication of the correct grease.
  • Early replacement of worn or damaged retaining pins and bushings.
  • Controlled depth of tool penetration e.g. to chisel depth.

  • ‘Surface Scoring’ will occur on the tool diameter if these precautions are ignored. This will set up ‘stress raiser’ on the surface which will start a fatigue crack from which the tool will break.

    Wear of Internal Parts: Worn or damaged internal parts can cause major damage to your breaker. Ie: If excessive wear is allowed and the tool is ‘sloppy’ in the hammer uneven striking will occur between the end of the tool and the piston. This will lead to early failure or damage to the piston.

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