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It is imperative to know how much hydraulic oil pressure and flow your machine has. This will determine the correct size of the attachment you require. To little – a loss of power. To much – will destroy the attachment.

Excavator Operation: It is essential that the hydraulic breaker tool be presented to its task in a vertical mode at all times. Use of the tool at an angle will risk application of the excavator power on the tool, which may result in breakage.

Blank Firing: This will occur with some hammers if the equipment is fired when the tool is in fresh air or very soft material. Blank firing must be avoided at all costs.

Tools: A selection of tools to suit each application are available. The correct type of tool must be selected to get the best working results and the longest lifetime for the tool.

Blog Single
  • Moil Point : Destroying concrete block / Demolishing foundations
  • Chisel : Digging, Trenching, Cutting, Breaking asphalt pavement and concrete block
  • Blunt : Breaking oversize rock and slag / Ground Compression
  • Cone : Quarrying rock / Cracking concrete and tough rock