Big Float


REMU Big Float is a unique amphibious excavator designed to work in most challenging environments. It can be driven on solid land, through shoreline and to shallow water areas that cannot be reach by normal excavator or by boat. As it’s totally floating, it’s also able to move on swamp where it is impossible for a man to walk.
Big Float is designed and developed in Finland where thousands of lakes and peat swamps has offered enough challenges and possibilities to test different working methods. When seeing practical problems, and even traditional excavators sinking to swamp, we have realized the need for safe and productive working method.

    Why choose Big Float?
  • Better outreach compared to working from barge
  • Tracks and chains same as in any normal excavator, strong, and proven quality
  • Pontoon structure with baffle sections guarantee safe floating
  • Patented Technology EP 1727687 and US Pat. 7,588,106
Remu Big Float Remu Big Float BROCHURE